Rahanni Celestial Healing

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Teacher & Healer of Rahanni Celestial Healing offering:

Workshops with an attunement to the beautiful 5th dimensional energies of Rahanni Celestial Healing,Practitioners Level 1 & Teacher Level 2.

Spiritual Development Classes & Ascension Classess.

Margaret Cooke GRCH FACC

I have known Margaret Cooke for a number of years, in the capacity of a teacher and healer.

Margaret has the amazing ability to reach out to so many who are in distress and her gentle approach to healing and teaching combined with her inner strength will always shine through, giving the clients and students the healing they require and an expanding heart centre.

Margaret has a natural ability for healing, but don’t just take my word for this, I would most certainly commend her to you and let the results speak for themselves.


Testimonial from Carol Anne Stacey  

Founder/Teacher/Healer/Writer of  Rahanni Celestial Healing



I have been receiving Rahanni Celestial Healing from Margaret, over a period spanning 5 years.


Being a beautiful channel of light she keeps going from strength to strength. Everytime I have visited her she has helped clear my Aura and realign my energy chakras, leaving me feeling so much better. Each session leaves me completely balanced and has helped me to re-connect to my mind body and spirit.

Margaret is professional at all times but at the same time adds a personal touch by sharing snippets of her own journey with me at each session, clearly showing that she is very empathetic which is just another fabulous example of her light reaching out to help all those it touches.

Her love for Rahanni Celestial healing shines out for all to see. No one can ever doubt her willingness to serve her clients in the only way she knows how, Through LOVE.


Kerry Coppin



Although Margaret is my sister my introduction by her to Rahanni has been a wonderful journey. My healing sessions are always beneficial not only to my body as I suffer from arthritis and IBS but also my mind set, making me more positive and open minded and ready to be more accepting of the people around me. After my healing I always feel calm and relaxed and sleep well that night.


Sue Simpson




Margaret is my future mother-in-law and introduced me to the beautiful energies of Rahanni 3 years ago. I have received healing many times and absolutely love it. The whole process is incredibly beautiful and relaxing. Margaret is extremely professional and just being in her presence makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

After every healing session I feel incredible, so refreshed. I thank Margaret for introducing me to Rahanni and I couldn't imagine my life without her wonderful healing hands and wisdom. I feel lucky everyday that Margaret is a part of my life as she is such a beautiful ray of light, healing all she comes into contact with. Thank you Margaret.


Emma Pickens








I consider Margaret to be my 'Angel Whisperer'.


I know the Angels are always around us and we can call them at any time, but I consider Margaret to be my 'direct' line to them. Margaret has such a deep connection with them. She is in my opinion the ultimate healer and this is her true gift and calling in life. I am so grateful that she listened to her angels so that now she is able to help people in so many ways. Margaret has guided me and taught me so much through her healing, my life is so much more enriched as is my overall wellbeing. I would also like to mention the help the angels gave me during a healing session, by balancing my hormones and stimulating my reproductive system I was able to concieve my daughter (my very own angel baby). Whenever I go back to England since moving away 3 years ago, I always visit Margaret for a healing session, it's always comforting and profound. I personally do not believe Margaret needs testimonials other that to sing her praises as she is truly a wonderful, blessed, caring person. All anyone would have to do is visit her for a healing session, arrive with an open heart and the angels and Margaret will do the rest.


Adriana. USA