Rahanni Celestial Healing

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Teacher & Healer of Rahanni Celestial Healing offering:

Workshops with an attunement to the beautiful 5th dimensional energies of Rahanni Celestial Healing,Practitioners Level 1 & Teacher Level 2.

Spiritual Development Classes & Ascension Classess.

Margaret Cooke GRCH FACC



Rahanni is 'of one heart' there is no separation. Our minds and bodies are at one and if either is out of balance it effects the other.

We live in a world of negativity and anger all of which affects us greatly. If we hold negativity and anger in our heart centres and are not able to forgive etc, this causes an inbalance to our mind and body.


Rahanni healing will open our heart centres to release negativity in turn helping us feel better mentally and physically. It will bring out our natural essence of love and compassion and will also bring our masculine and feminine sides into balance. This will help us with communication and gain control over our lives.


Rahanni is not based on any one religion, it encompasses all.










Wednesday's only

Practitioner Level 1

normal cost £180 now £150!

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What is Rahanni Celestial Healing?

Why is Rahanni different?

Rahanni healing is a hands on healing therapy which works on a higher vibration and at a deeper level cutting down the healing time.


It vibrates on a pink ray of light which connects to our heart centres. This is a universal energy the same energy which keeps all animals, plants, trees and the whole of nature alive.

Who can benefit from Rahanni?

The answer is everybody, especially children as they are open to the higher energies.

It has been known to benefit those children diagnosed with ADHD & ADD.

Animals will also benefit as they love and accept the healing light.


You do not need to believe for the healing to work, Rahanni Celestial Healing just needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Please have a look through my website to see what treatment, classes and workshops are on offer...

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